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What moms are saying about New Mom's Groups .... 

"The first few months of being a new mom are a whirlwind of excitement and wonder. But there are also times when you are left wondering what to do and if you're doing the "right" things for your baby. Attending Raine's mom's group was the best thing I could have done to build community with other moms, confidence in my own parenting, and learn tips for sleeping, nursing, and self-care. I looked forward to the group every week, as a chance to get out of the house and bond with other moms. Our "babies" are now toddlers, but we all still get together and support one another. Raine was an excellent facilitator and full of knowledge about newborns. I highly recommend her groups!" - Becki

"Cathy, I am so thankful for having been able to participate in your group. I really appreciated all the amazing resources and the whole group gave me a better frame of reference on parenting an infant and trying to become the mother I want to be. Seeing all the collective strength and wisdom from our group really inspired me to try to be social with other new moms as well as the moms from our group."  - Katrina

"Joining a Mom2Mom group facilitated by Cathy Carr was the best gift I could give myself as a new mother. I deeply appreciated how well each 2-hour session was organized. Cathy dedicated time to useful topics such as breastfeeding, sleep training, and post-baby marital and family relationships, and always saved time for open discussion and a few inspiring and lighthearted words that she had carefully picked out for us. We were also encouraged to meet socially as a group with our babies once a week (e.g. at Lake Merritt or Lake Temescal), which helped me to gain confidence with logistics such as transporting my son in his car seat and packing his diaper bag. Cathy created a non-judgmental, safe, and caring atmosphere such that all the women in the group quickly felt comfortable sharing their thoughts, questions, and advice. I was particularly grateful for the detailed follow-up information that was sent to us via email in the form of handouts and links. I will be referring to these for a long time to come! All in all, I would unhesitatingly recommend any new mom to sign up for this group--it helped me tremendously at a challenging (but also wonderful!) time of my life.  - Malini

"Cathy, thanks again for your support and guidance over the last several weeks. You really did an amazing job facilitating the group. You have such a warm and genuine presence. You were great at letting the conversation flow naturally with just the right amount of facilitation which came naturally and didn't feel forced."    - Alli

"Thank you so much for the new moms group, Cathy!  It was an invaluable part of my first few months as a mom.  You created a warm, non-judgmental environment for us to share stories, feelings, successes and fears with other new moms in the area.  Your group got me out of the house and the social activities helped me work out the logistics of getting around with a newborn and navigating the outside world with him.  I'm so grateful to have been part of one of your Mom2Mom groups and look forward to keeping in touch with you and the other moms and their babes!"   -Amy

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